Honda Therapy Group?

I just had to sell my 03 CRF450R. I need a hug. I guess my bike didnt outlast my wife. This time. :applause: The bike had been sitting for over a year. I drained old fuel, poured new fuel in. FIRST KICK! The buyer was shocked. I got the price I wanted. Then, I took the cover off the XR600R. Fired it up. Rode it for a half hour. I felt a little better about selling the 450. Now, if I can get rid of the Harleys,that 650R will be alllllll mine.........sorry to waste your time. just venting :thumbsup:

No one who posts something positive about a motorcycle here is wasting anyones time! I think you needed to ride the XR a little longer though....thats just me! I almost road to work today, does that count?

I needed to ride it a LOT longer. I changed out the bars, controls, etc a while back, and needed to dial the clutch cantrols a bit more. I havent ridden in a while, and was getting arm pump from heaving that heavy thing around the tight woods round here. I'm weak. Now, to add my lights. I was gonna add the Ricky Stator dual light setup. There is a guy down the street that has similar lights for an ATV, that mount on handlebars. Anyone know if I can mount these on a bike?

Take 2 whoops, a wheelie and powerup a steep climb and post back tommorow.

Dr. Squat

Think of it this way, at least you have goals...or goal (650R). Hang in there!

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