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Torn, 250F or 450F

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A couple of things, if you're winning the A class on a 250, AND weigh 220 lbs, you are a better rider than you give yourself credit for, or the talent pool isn't that deep in your district. Out here in New England, almost everyone is on a 450 in the Vet A class, and you're not, you're getting smoked by one. I guess it might depend on the tracks, but anything that can get you into 3rd or 4th, would be easier on a 450 I would think. You're a big guy (I weigh 210 myself), and I think 450 is the way to go. I got back on a 250 last week to do some laps and could barely ride it. I'm used to torquing, shortshifting that 450, and the 250 just felt gutless to me. I got more tired trying to keep that 250 on the pipe honestly. This is on our practice track, which is pretty tight as well. On a bigger more open track, the 450 can tax you less because you don't have to ride it at the limit as much, and have more reserve power. Just my 2 bits.....

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