Radiator Damage

I recently layed down my 06 450F. I didn't realize it at first, but one of my radiators got dinged a bit. The radiator bent bent back about 1/4" and pinched the fins closest to the bolts. The radiator is not bent. It is the panel where the bolts attach to the frame. Is this OK? Should I replace the radiator? What should I look for if it is a problem? PLEASE HELP. :thumbsup:

If it's no worse than that, you can often remove the shroud and carefully twist it back in shape by hand. Fins that are pinched together can be straighten out with a toothpick or similar. Tubes (the vertical elements of the radiator that carry coolant) should be left alone unless they are bent badly enough to be a problem.

For serious repairs, Mylers.

I was hoping you would reply. I've come to find out that your advise should be highly noted. The last problem I had with one of my bikes...you fixed. Thank you!!!! I guess you are older and YZer!!! :thumbsup:

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