honda extended warranty and mods

i purchased a 05 650l ,with the extended warranty that is stock and i want to do some mods to it like : daves carbs mod, smog removal, exhaust. what ,if any ,will this do to the honda extended warranty. thanks

Found this old thread which asks the same question I want to ask . . .

1) Will Dave's Mods void my 1-year basic warranty?

2) I downloaded the DAVES_MODS.PDF and it states:

These modifications should work on 1993-2004 Honda XR650L model years, but may also work on other models and years that use the 42.5mm diaphragm-type CV Keihin carburetor.

Pardon my ignorance but does this mean that it will be OK for a 2008 XR650L?

The .pdf only lists up to 2004 because that's the last time the document was updated. Dave's Mods are applicable to all 650Ls made thus far.

I have no idea if they void the warranty.

call Honda and ask, maybe remain anonamous?? (don't tell them who you are)

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