How many miles can you get out of a 650r engine?

I have an 02 650r and i have about 3,500 miles on it. I was wondering if any one here has rebuilt a 650r engine? And how many miles they put on it before they rebuilt it? And what parts are needed to get it done. You know like was it a total tear down splitting the cases or just a piston and valve job? And how long does the timing chain last for?

I've seen tour company bikes go 20- 30,000 miles before needing to be rebuilt.

As for part 2 of your question- I would suggest fixing all the broken pieces of the motor.

How many licks to get to the Middle of an XR650L engine...?

More than an R, I would imagine...ha ha, since those Starbucks stops cool our guts.

Good question. I don't know that I've heard of many people rebuilding from simply too many miles. Most rebuilds I've heard of seem to come from somebody grenading the motor due to some rare catastrophic failure. My '00 650R easily is pushing 10,000 15,000 miles. I've only been in the motor to adjust the valves. The original clutch is still in there even.

I think the gearbox will be fine, but I would inspect the rod/crank bearings during a teardown, I've heard that the big end bearing is something to watch. Other than that, the usual piston/rings. The cam chain should have stretched, so a new one of those would be recommended. Also valve springs and valve guides would be good. Having the valves and valve seats reground would be great for performance, but is beyond the garage mechanic... Just my thoughts, but what do I know.

No experience with the 650R, but with the 600 and 650L the valves and rings slowly wear. I would expect the 650r to be the same. Power gradually drops off as the cylinder seal decreases. It's so slow that it is you don't really notice it. The engine still runs fine. My 600 has had the valves redone on one occasion, and the rings on another. Both times the increase in power was considerable.

All the big bore Honda's last a very long time. How long depends on how often the bike is maintained (oil, valves,etc) and how hard it is ridden. At least several tens of thousands of miles.

A buddy of mine here in Canada had put the HRC kit in his when it only had about 1 or 2 thousand kms on it

Last weekend he rolled over 100,000km's with no rebuild

That over 60,000 miles

He told me his is still going strong and does not burn a drop of oil

As far as my own experience, well I only have about 400 miles on my new 06 right now, but will be puttin the miles to her

16k desert miles so far and the bike is still running fine. Did a clutch other than that only normal maintenance.

Well the interesting thing that trips me out is the piston noise. :thumbsup: So i thought maybe my 02 was wearing out i also have a 2000 650r and it has very low miles on it and it still rattles at specific rpms just like my 02. And i have ridden my 02 on the trails a lot and i ride it pretty hard and i also do a lot of hill climbs on it. And with all the crf 450's that my buddies have that are wearing out i was just wondering what the norm was for the BRP's.. Thanks for the info I will just keep an eye on my bike and not worry... :applause:

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