Looking for a low mile 650R 05'-06' Have Cash$$$

LOL! I just got informed by a friend who surfnride really is. Guess you know PLENTY about BRP's after how many SCORE races you have been in. Good luck at the 1K if you are participating :thumbsup:

well don't leave us hanging? who is he? could it be.....


can't be .....

Ron Wilson - Took First in his class in The last Baja 500

well don't leave us hanging? who is he? could it be.....


can't be .....

Hmmm....could it be Ron Wilson :applause::applause:

Let's see, if everybody here on TT pitched in one thin dime ($0.10 cents) to the Ron Wilson XR650R fund, then he'd have a nice 650R with all the right mods, etc. What a story that would make! Ron Wilson wins the 1000 with the help of TT members :thumbsup::applause:

Now Qadsan is talking!!

3rd OA at the Baja 500......... and 3rd OA at the '05 Baja 1000 and 3rd OA at Felipe this year too.

What are you looking to spend? A "new" used '06 with all the bling is going

to hurt your pocket.... maybe better to get a new one?

I'll sell you mine for 8k :thumbsup:


I would sell mine for about that and it only has 1200 miles on a Barnum biult 680cc engine Baja race bike.

680cc wisco 11:1 piston, Barnums Pro cam, Carrillo Rod, Kimberwhite valve springs & S/S valves w/ 3mm oversized intake, Edelbrock bored to 42mmX40mm, - Moriwaki Full Exhaust (Header & Muffler), Clarke 4.3 tank, UNI air filter, Holes in air filter cover, No back fire screen, Eibach 45kg Fork springs w/re-shimmed & Re-valved, 110mm 2.5wt ultra light Golden Spectro SPL Fork Fluid, Eibach 10kg shock springs, on a CR500 shock with gold valve, 200psi nitrogen, US-1 RaceTech shock oil, re-shimmed to race & Shock Sock, Galfer Steel Braided Brake Lines and brake pads, Titex rear rotor, 280mm from floating rotor, Scott's steering dampener, Applied triple clamp, SuperBrace fork brace, Renthal RC Fatty Bars, Oil sight tube, Acerbis; Pro-Handguards, Fender w/ fender brace & front rotor cover, XR's Only's, Heavy duty clutch springs Chain Guard, case saver & skid plate, BajaDesigns, Sol-Tec 100watt head light, Shark Fin, IMS Pro foot pegs, Gel Pro Grips, Ceet seat cover, LED tail/brake light, Re-wound duel stage stator & stator case vent tube, 15/49or47 Iron Man sprocket, X-ring EVR2 Gold chain, Black Excel rims, Red Rad hubs and extra heavy duty spokes, 115 NAPA Thermostat, Evens and FLUIDYNE RADIATORS, rebuilt tranny. California street legal! Has a plate.


Here in Washington a Bremerton dealer has two 2005 (brand new) for $3999.00 each. Do a search on cycle trader and they will come up. I wish I had an extra four grand laying around. :thumbsup:

So if someone put a speedo with more than 7500 miles on it they'd be ok??

my friends wife works at the dmv and the short of it is yes

my friends wife works at the dmv and the short of it is yes

We did this through AAA in on a NV plated 2004 XR400R last month and there were no problems. They gave us a plate, registration and stickers on the spot.

06' done up on Craigs list here in Rochester

I just bought an 02 XR650R (plated) and loaded including alot of extras like a Scott Dampener, Clark tank, Edelbrock carb, Full Akropovic Ti Exhaust and many other goodies for $4K out of California so there are deals to be found out there. The DMV here in Nevada told me prior to buying mine that if it was titled in Ca I should not have any trouble tagging it here. Buying the BRP is the best decision I've made in my motorcycle choices in a very long time!

...ill give you mine for $9000:eek: its got 10200 into it, picture tells all. its an 07, steet taged.



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