Can I use these Parts????

I am replacing the cracked crankcase on my 03 450 and I can get a used crankcase from an 04 450. The part numbers are a little different but aren't they the same? Could use some help, brand new costs almost 500.00, thanks

I believe they will interchange. Let's see what others say.

gray, I think your probably one of the only ones on the forum who would know something like that...I got nothing, sorry man.

I asked someone who should know (a TT'er of course). Stand by.


If memory serves, I think they will work but I think they have different porting under the cylinder to reduce engine braking but I think the cylinder is the same part number through 05 so you are good.

If tdub says it is good you are golden.

Tryce tells me they interchange from '03-'05, which would have been my guess.

Thanks, T-Dub :thumbsup:

The main bearings are the same, the trans and bearings are the same, the covers are the same...

but you always wonder until you get some definitive answer.

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