426 no spark help needed

hi i'm a newbie to the site with a major headache

the story, got myself a lovely 2000 yz426 but on the road with lights, was told it had full wr lighting kit, front light wasnt working when i had it, put a new unit on and it kept blowing bulbs so then put a rectifier on and sorted that out. all great for a while untill one day the bike just cut out dead, found out it had weak spark tried towing it and it eventually started done a lap around the field and died again the n it had no spark found a donor yz and swapped the whole electrics one by one until the last thing i changed was the stator and bingo i was off ripping the mud again untill today 50 miles of pure adrenalin same bloody thing again no spark. any body got any idieas could it be the light burning the stock yz stator out, can you test them.

hope some one can shed some some light myway cus at the mo its pitch black andy

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