Carb Fixed!

I have been having no end of trouble with my carb and jetting settings. I have tried every jetting combination under the sun and was still getting backfires and low-end bog. I decided that I was going to solve the situation once and for all, even if it meant getting a new carb and an entire new ignition system. I pulled the carb off the bike and began work.

First thing I did was pull the float bowl off the bottom of the carb and what I saw shocked :applause: me! The bottom of the bowl was filled with crud. The crud consisted of gel'd fuel and some sort of silt. I then pulled the housing off the accelerator pump and found MORE crud! :applause: I used judicious amounts of carb cleaner on these parts and luckily got them looking as good as new. I pulled all the jets at this point and cleaned them as well...and yup...they had crud on them as well. I washed out all the fuel passages at this point and put the carb back together. After cleaning the entire fuel system and installing a new plug, and installing a JD Jetting kit, I bolted the bike together and fired it up. I have never experienced this bike in this manner! :thumbsup: She ran great! This was great, but what was the source of the contamination?

The bike is fairly new to me and as a 2001 only had about 15 hours on it...tops. This is good and bad news. Evidently the bike sat a LOT and gas was constantly gelling in the tank and card. It was also a farm bike and all I can guess is a lot of find sand/dirt got into the gas tank and ended up in the carb.

I can't speak as to whether any of this silt has made its way into the combustion chamber, but I am on top of oil changes and am keeping the bike as clean as possible so only time will tell.

Yep hardly ridden and like new are signals the fuel system need to be looked at.I bought an 03 that was brand new in Nov of 05 they had the Mechanic drain the carb and put new gas in the tank. I still had to replace the needle and jet's because of the varnish buildup. I really did'nt care since I stole the bike for $3700.00 OTD


Yep hardly ridden and like new are signals the fuel system need to be looked at.


I guess it is a small price to pay!

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