PA Street legal WR (or CA, see msg)

n00b here. Not to bikes, just this forum. I’ve had an itch for a WR-450 for some time now, but I want it to be street legal. The reason I ask CA guys to chime in is because I see a bunch of you have them and my wife is a legal CA resident and I could register it there.

This works pretty cool with cars – hers is here in PA and exempt from all CA regulations, mine is in CA and exempt from PA regs and inspection – until we bring them back to their “home” states, then emissions and inspections have to take place soon afterwards. IF we take them back…..

I know it’s not easy to get a plate in CA or PA but in reading back a couple months worth of posts, I see that it’s been done in both states. My local Yamaha dealer will work with me if I buy a new one, but I have my eye on a 2004 WR-450.

Anyway… I have numerous bikes, including KLR-650, KLX-300, KDX-200, and, ummm… 7 others of various vintage, from 2002 ZRX-1200 to 1978 Montesa Cota 348. The bike that’s missing is a good enduro bike, ergo the WR desire.

So, can anyone shed some light on the subject (even though it’s been talked about before)? I have a nice truck that I can haul bikes around on, but it’s nice to take a legal jaunt on the road, like ride 10 miles (or maybe 50) to my favorite trail(s).

My KLR cruises along comfortably at 60 mph but I don’t expect that a WR would do the same, although my wife’s 250 Super Sherpa will hum along just fine at 60+. She (wife and bike) are good for 200+ mile days. The KLR is a pig off road, but I’ve had it in some gnarly sections, and made it out OK. I’ve only dropped it…. Oh, a few times. Yeah, it’s not always easy to pick back up again.

Finally, let’s say we’ve got a WR-450 Dual Sport. Obviously a high performance machine, making way more power than my KLR – how long will the motor last if I rode it in a similar manner? 5,000 miles? 10,000? More?

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