Hot Rods Crank

I'm getting ready to rebuild my bike (03 yz450f) and am getting ready to order parts. I am going to be getting a hot rods crank assembly since mine seized. When I went to my dealer today he said that the tucker rocky catalog lited the crank assemble as coming with the main bearings. When I view the catalog online it doesn't say anything about it coming with the mains, and its the same thing on hot rods' website. Does anyone have any experience with them to know for sure if they come with the main bearings? Also does anyone know what causes the crank problems in these bikes? Also does anyone have any tips for putting it back together or things I must inspect or replace while I have it apart. Thanks for any help.

no that does not come with the mains

hot rods has a main bearingset available, but they are separate ( I just did one not long ago )

Thanks for the reply, you saved me a week of waiting for a second parts order.

Anyone welcome you two gentlemen to the forum yet?

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