XR650L horn won't work when idling?

Horn and blinkers will only work at high rpms.

What could be the cause? Stator? Regulator?

Just installed a new battery.

More info will help.

Hook a volt meter up to your battery with the bike running. See if there is a voltage difference at the battery:

1. Not running, ignition off

2. Ignition on, not running

3. Engine idling

4. Engine revved up

You might have something loose or just not connecting right.

I have a brand new XR650L and it has a similar problem - at low engine revs the lights, indicators are ok but the horn refuses to sound. I have to give it a handful of revs to make it work - should this happen on a new machineI

that sounds like a grounding problem!!!

If it's new, take it back to the dealer!

Would love to be able to take it back to the dealer, but it would be a very wet journey - He is in Tampa, Florida - I am in The Gambia, West Africa. Could you suggest a suitable route please?

Have tried the earth(ground - all ok). The horn (crappy as it is) works fime when the revs are up but stops working when you let the throttle go - odd!!!

sounds like a simple battery problem...sometimes the obvious gets overlooked :smirk:

check, clean & tighten ur battery connections...can't remember if the stock battery is sealed or not but if it's unsealed check the fluid levels...

if that does not correct the problem test the battery...it may be failing or faulty.


On the back of the horn will be a small screw with and a lock down nut. Try and adjust it in and out,that sometimes will bring a horn back to life.

Thanks for the advice, have finally had time to play - the problem was the horn, it's crap. Why put such a puny thing on a BRP, may save Honda money but it looses brownie points on quality.

Have just ordered a Stebel Magnum, 136db - locals should hear that.....


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