Cam Split Ring

Doing the infamous 450 cam swap in my 2002 YZ426 when I heard a metallic part drop into the case. Was able to pull a single split ring out. I presume it was on the exhaust cam bearing.

Question. Are there two of them - one on the intake cam as well? Can't see another one down there. The next question is can I see into that part of the case if the flywheel cover is taken off?

There should be two of those rings.. One for the exhaust cam and one for the intake cam. They ride in the slot on the cam and fit into the caps. Check your caps, maybe the other one is still in there... As for your other question, I am not sure if you can see in there... the best bet would be to put a bit of oil in there and turn the bike on the left side and it may float towards the left so you can see it (if it is in there). Hope this helps.. I did the mod to mine and love not having the starting drill..

Would have been nice if the manual mentioned them.

The manual does mention them, it just doesn't make a very big deal out of it. If you remove the flywheel and stator, you can access virtually every place that the ring could go. You'll need a puller and a #27 Torx.

Thanks. Much better than splitting cases. I did find the reference to the rings on closer inspection.

I've had that problem before,(installing HotCams) buy one of those telescopic magnets from your auto parts store and poke around with it in the motor. If it's in there you should be able to get it out.

Ended up taking the cover off. It fell on on the floor as soon as the case was cracked.

I dropped mine once...spent half an hour looking for it down the cam chain slot and fishing around with a magnet. I pulled off the cover and was getting ready to pull the stator, etc when, just for the hell of it, I decided to pull off my big thumpertalk skidplate...and there it was!

Do the 450's have the same set up?

Where you get really stuck is when the flywheel magnets get hold of them. There's nothing on a tool rack that will reach down and take it away from those. Pulling it becomes the only option.

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