Huges 426

Howard got a YZ426 he was fast on the 400 now you won't be able to see him he could not stand those AA rider getting by him.


What ever happened to the element of suprise MONTY :) Deny Deny Deny :D

Howard , you racing sunday in sacramento?


The suprise will be when they see it's a works type bike with all the goodies,dam i did it agian.


I think you mean worked bike :) MONTY.

Prairy City was fun good to see you there Marty how did the pictures come out could you tell it was me through all the mud.

It was a pleasure meeting Rich Clark there at the race also.

I ran the presure washer out of gas trying to get all the mud off. But there done.

spent, huge

Howard this was the only place I could get a clean shot of you. Nice slide I think your ready for some of that super-motard stuff View?u=1462467&a=10995906&p=38303267:)


[This message has been edited by marty mosley (edited 01-16-2001).]

Nice shot Marty!! I know what you mean by the only (clean) shot of me. Muddy race but fun. I have always wanted to try super retard races figured i could do pretty

good.I mean super motard :) yea thats it.

thanks for posting the pics, huge

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