New meaning for 'BRP '

While dining with my lovely wife tonight we were discussing the state of affairs in our garage and she succeeded in making me laugh beer out my nose with a new meaning for BRP = Big Ridiculous Project

My only reply was a feeble 'yeah, but when its done its gonna kick ASS' :thumbsup:

You need to take her out to her favorite Restaurant for that one. Classic :thumbsup:

I can relate, man. Seems like I've been working on my R forever. Heck of it is; there was never anything officially "wrong" with it.

But then, "Big Ridiculous Projects" always start out innocently:

1. Gee, wouldn't it be grand to make my R street-legal...

2 Gee, wouldn't it be cool to vent my side cover, liker Johnny Campbell's bike...

3. Gee, that incandescent headlight bulb in my UFO headlight sure is dim, maybe I ought to rewind the stator...

4. Gee, now that my stator produces 4.6 gigawatts of power, I should get a hi-wattage bulb...

5. Gee, if I refitted my plastic UFO headlight lens with an H4-compatible BD glass lens, I could run one of those trick PIAA 55w/60w SuperWhite / Anti-vibration bulbs...

6. Gee, that new DataTool RevLight would look really cool on my bike...

And before you know it, its after midnight for the fourth time this week and Dawg is growling and pulling on my pant leg to get me to go the hell to bed.

I'm thinking about starting a Thumpers Anonymous chapter in my hometown.

[Nah, I don't have a problem..., I can quit doing these endless BRP projects whenever I want.]


Ride safe.

Sounds great..Glad I'm not sucking on a beer right now...LOL

sounds familiar I never wanted to change anything on my CRF450r but after making a few of the changes to my xr650r suggested on this web site I can't stop. It just keeps running better and better. now I'm looking for a whole new exhaust system got a suggestion from someone to look at a Pro series exhaust that they make. Does anyone have any experience with their custom exhaust?

Actually Old Man, we were at her favorite restaraunt at the time :thumbsup:

Ssmith, its my understanding that the best exhaust for the 650r is the stock setup with the HRC tip. If you want to go aftermarket I believe the E-Series White Bros is a favorite as well.

Thankfully my parts are all starting to show up this week (6mos after purchasing the bike and tearing it completely apart) Oooooh but when its done, it WILL kick ass... hahaha

I know someone who has a complete Barnums exhaust- never installed. $400 including shipping, and it's yours.

PM me if you're interested.


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