Will a 98 XR400 Fender fit on a 98XR600

Can anyone tell me if a 98 XR 400 front fender will fit on a 98 XR 600 with out any modifications? I like the look of the smaller XR 400 fender.


Nobody knows??

I do not know about fitment on the 600 as i do not own one. However I do own a 650L and it has an XR400 front fender on it that fit without modifications to the mounting holes. I had to drill new holes for where the speedometer cable wire mounted, and i had to add a couple of thin washers to the rear two mounting bolts so the rear of the fender didnt bump the frame. Other than those two little things, it fit fine (I did shorten and vent it though for my own purposes, pics in my garage if you are interested.).

The 600 should be the same as the 650L though i would think.

Can anyone verify this?

YEP, shell fit with no mods. Even if you hadda mod it, it would be no problem. In fact, I put a DR125SE front fender on my XR630R desertsled for the time being and it fit with one hole having to be elongated.

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