14/45 gearing handling highway

i run 14/45 on my 05xrl650 its ok in the dirt but at 70 mph highway the bike seems like its working kinda hard.i usually ride at this speed to my friends house 20 miles away and from there we load up his truck sometimes i do 60 or so highway miles to to the trail.im not very mechanically inclined thats why im posting.so will this sort of highway riding mess up my bike with this gearing?i plan on running 14/48 next year but that willl be strictly for dirt.

I run the stock 15/45 gearing day to day,I think that 60-65 mph is fine with this gearing, when going to play in the woods I switch to 14/47 which seems to work good

Where in NY are you located?

southern westchester county .i know the stock gearing is fine for highway i was asking if 14/45 gearing was to stressful on the bike at long distance highway speeds 14/47 must be magic in the woods.where in ny are you

I live in Rockland Co. I have left the 14/45 combo on for the street & to me it seems like the engine is revving to high for any length of time, prematurely wearing out parts

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