Another radiator guard question?

Well, I installed my new IMS 3.4 gal fuel tank yesterday :thumbsup: but I ran into a bit of a problem, my radiator braces won't fit. :applause: So I'm going to look into radiator guards. Any of you guys out there have the IMS tank with rad guards? If so what works best. Thanks for any help. :applause:

I got an 02 WR426 with an IMS 3.2 and Devol rad guards. Everything fits great. I've got Devol on my other bikes and they also fit great.

Pretty sure Unabikers will fit. The best guards being sold BTW. :thumbsup:

I, too, have an IMS tank with DeVol guards (on my WR426). Fit great, work great. When we put the IMS tank on my son's WR250, it took a little bit of "re-engineering", but we got the Works Connection Radiator braces to work just fine, as well...

I have the Unabikers and the rear part of the brace wont work so I just took it off. I did leave the front grille part. If you check it out, lay the bike over and it will hit the tank before the radiators. I did look at my other bike and the Devols would work just fine.

Pretty sure Unabikers will fit. The best guards being sold BTW. :thumbsup:

They will but only of you tell them what you have planned. The stock rear brace won't fit when using an over-sized tank but they sell a modified rear brace that will. Give them a call!

Thanks guys, I think I'll order the Devol guards today. :thumbsup::applause:

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