Wher is everyone riding New Years ?

I would like to hear from everyone out of state or not how will you be kicking off the New Year. I plan on a Midnight ride celebrating New Year on the REAR WHEEL :)

Happy Holidays, HUGE

Hay Huge everone talking about stonyford you in?

monty :)

I've Been contemplating this 5'4" Blue Eyed Blonde that's..........Well you know the story....

Bonzai :)

Fri/Sat, I'll be at Glamis, Sun/Mon I'll be at Superstition and Ocotillo Wells riding on Sunday and desert racing in a truck on Monday. Should bring in the New Year either at the race or we'll head back to Glamis to see the festivities!!!

St. Veronica to Cabo...

1200 miles, 10 days.

It is going to be my honeymoon as well.

It will also be the big bore torture test.

Stoneyford for New Years? Thats the kind of info i was hoping for. Davis Flats right... Hopefully Silicon Mike will have his radiator back in time. Although i see him on a new bike in the not so distant future.

Anyone going South of the border? San Felipe?


Congradulations on the wedding. That should be an excellent trip. Will the misses to be be riding with you?

Howard mike and myself are planing a ride wensday at stontford if the weather is wright, you up for that,(how goe's the healing of the lip and jaw) let mike or me know.


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