msr skid plate for xr650r

Anyone have experience with the new MSR skid plate for the XR650R? Is it made by Utah sport cycle? Or is it differnet? Is it of good quality? Anyone have a picture?


I have one on my CRF450r definitely nice for the price it was cheaper than all the rest that I looked at. I have been happy with the plastic skid plate on my XR650r but I haven't put it to the test yet. the CRF450r doesn't have anything underneath and I normally ride where there are a lot of rocks flying off the front tire.

The pic they show on of an MSR is not the actual XR650R skid plate.

I bought a Baja Designs skid plate for about the same price as chaparral wanted for the MSR.

XR's Only has the exact same skid plate as Baja Designs for 83 bucks. FYI, this skid plate is a pain in the a** to install, because of the frame clamps.

Or, they have one that uses the stock skid plate bolts. I think I'll try this one next. My current skid plate has done it's job.

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