PMB & Quiet is Cool Insert Info Needed

Need a little help - would someone with a 05, 06 WR450 PMB and Quiet Tip insert measure the length of the tube that fits inside the spark arrestor screen? That's from the plate to the tube's end as accurately as possible. Thanks in advance.

I have the gytr quiet insert in my 02 wr. I knocked out the three little tubes that it comes with and put in a one inch (+/-) pipe. I believe this is what you are asking for is the length of this pipe? I cant recall exactly what it was (I will measure tonight) but I left it about an inch from bottoming out on the inside plate baffle. I have since trimmed some off to get most flow and still be sound legal. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

Thanks but wrong year, I edited my title line to clarify. I wanted to see what the manufacturers are doing for a "tuned " length and wanted to go from there and try some ideas. Want to get rid of your three tubes?

Anyone? How about a little help?

Figured out the Quiet tip is the same length as OEM, would like to hear about the PMB length and I read the opening is flared also

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