Peformance Pipe Choice

I'm looking for an aftermarket pipe for my '04 WR 450. Any feedback on pipe choice would be appreciated, and which require carb to be rejetted.

I'm also looking for a new gear combination for tight woods riding. Stock set up leaves me looking for more out of 1st and 2nd.

I run an FMF Ti Powercore and 13/49 gearing. Get acquainted with the search function, you'll be surprised at the extent of the archives. Play around with it for a while and you'll have plenty to read for a long time. Also check the jetting database sticky at the top of the board...a SC

I did find plenty of info after I posted. Read first, type later....good advice!

Thanks for the information. I've been leaning toward the Powercore but can't decide to spring for the Powerbomb as well.

There are heaps better systems on the market other than the powercore (better made too).

Just all depends on how loud you can tolerate the noise levels.

I think we are all in luck with the europeans having to be 96db's for racing. This means great performance pipes with out the noise.

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