05 Xr650l

Hey all,

i'm new here. i had my ZX9 written off last week by a u-turning tourist, and am looking to get into the dual purpose game.

i am going to look at an 05 650L tonight with 2300 kilometers on it (street use, 1700 miles approx). it has a jet coated header, a big gun can, bark busters, aftermarket bars, k & n filter, skid plates and a jet kit. it has no marks anywhere.

the owner is meticulous to say the least.

is this a "must buy" at $5500 canadian? $5000 USD.

the only thing i would do to the bike would be to put on more street oriented tires. it would be for commuting and logging roads here in British Columbia.

my concern is not waiting to get a 650R and adding a Baja kit.

but, if this is bought right, and i dont think its perfect, i can trade or sell to get an R next year with little depreciation.


It sounds OK, But not a KILLER deal. If you buy brand new...it wouldnt be too much more.

New is about 5700 to 6500, plus 14.5% taxes here in BC!

With the mods done, I'd say grab it. I bought mine a couple years ago, and have three freinds with a L as well, and five even is not a bad deal at all! One freind just picked up his in Van for 45, stock, with 3500k's. I think you're looking at a good deal!


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