Avoiding a Lemon....



Am I safe picking out any XR650L at the shop? Are there parts to check BEFORE you slap down the Benjamins?

The place I'm buying from doesn't put gas in them till they're sold. No test rides.

Are you sure you want a L in AZ it should still be easy to street legal the R here and then you have less weight more power, I sold my L and am really happy with the 650R, only gripe is the seat on road trips. You shouldn't have to worry about lemons as long as they put oil in it and the kid doesn't rev the piss out of it when it's first started, I usually wander my way to the back to see how things are going during prep. Have fun getting a new bike is allways a good thing.

I'd really like the R and have battle this decision for over a year...

Going with the L strictly for commutting purpose. Especially the key-lock/ignition.

Planning several mods to make it "more fun". The XRL Seems like the best "all around" choice of the 650's.

Thanks for the post.

BTW...I live in Northern Arizona in the mountains and cinders.

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