Newbie on the loose

Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I am in the process of picking up a used 03 WR450 (CO Titled but not converted). I am a beginner rider although i did have a sport bike in college. Looking forward to learning from all you verterans out there.

The only advice I have on the '03 is to check and see if the "woodruff key" problem has been fixed. Also, make sure you get a factory manual with's invaluable. Other than those two items, welcome to the club...SC


I am veteran of riding on the street. I am still improving on my dirt riding skills and I am 18 months into it since getting my own bike. I am a veteran, however, of emergency room visits, ace bandages, ice packs, and busted up bike parts, etc...

Like you, I chose the big bad wr450 as my "first". I still wonder if that was the right choice. But it worked out well regardless. Please be gentle with it in the beginning.

Here are the five most important things you should worry about, especially when riding on dirt.

1. Ride within your limits. When you are out there watching everyone do seemingly amazing things, remember that you are not there yet. Ride with people who will respect your 'newbie' status. Absolutely everyone is cool with that, but you have to speak up so they will look out for you.

2. get the best safety gear you can afford. Protect you feet and knees as if they are the only pair of feet and set of knees that you've got. Oh yeah... get a safe and comfortable helmet also.

3. Get your suspension set up properly. front and rear springs should be the correct size ($200). You can install these yourself rather easily. Then adjust your race and free sag according to the book.

4. Learn to work on your own bike. Its easy and will save your arse. Get the motopower maintenance videos like I did. You will then understand what the guys on TT are talking about.

5. take a class if you can. It will be well worth it to have someone show you about counterbalancing and body positioning.

Good Luck.

Listen to Mauricedorris his pearls of wisdom are hard earned. :thumbsup: Familiarize yourself with the search function on this forum and with the Stickies posted at the top of the forum. Many questions you may have will be answered quickly and in depth from previous discussions. If you do not the Big Bad Moderator will get you :applause:

If you do not the Big Bad Moderator will get you :thumbsup:

Oh! So that's how it's gonna be, huh? No good deed goes unpunished, I guess :applause: ...SC

Thanks for all the great advice. I look forward to lots of fun

Oh! So that's how it's gonna be, huh? No good deed goes unpunished, I guess :applause: ...SC

Just a term of endearment used to describe your immense status :thumbsup:

OK Done deal. Just picked her up and can't wait to hit the trails. She is sitting in the bed of my truck waiting for the weekend.

You have a nice bike and a great state to ride in. Which part of Colorado do you live in?

Live in Denver. Will probably head to the trails in Nederland.

Yes this is a great state. I grew up on the East Coast and can't believe why i spent the last 5 years living in NYC. I am going toy crazy. I've been here less than a year and toy store is al follows

06 Dodge Ram 2500 DIESEL

04 Lite-Craft Camper

02 Yam Mountain Max 700 141 Track Tripple Pipe 2stroke (To be replaced by an 06 Yam RS Vector 4stroke)

04 Gary Fisher Cake Mountain Bike

All new ski equipment

NOW 03 Yam WR450 that will be converted to street legal next year.

The credit cards are getting their use.

You have all the toys! I lived in Colo when I was in grade school. It's a beautiful state.


Gettin back into the dirt myself. A lot of fun. Got an R-1 for the street that is still a blast to ride but roostin is oh so much fun.... Welcome to the addiction.

Here she is. took her out for a short spin in Central City, CO today.





hey bro.. welcome,,,

I have a 04 wr450 thats up for sale now. the wr250 suites me better in the single tracks here in the midwest.... home of the WORST riding in the usa,,, but thats another story.... 450 is just too heavy ... for my fat ass....

ne ways,, i trust you have read how to uncork it and all ? correct,, if not, check out the teach post. best piece advice was everything said here.. take it easy, get used to that powerfull beast your riding,,,, great bike.. have fun !

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