426 Fuel Range

Since the seach feature is backed up and I can't look for myself. Could somebody tell me how long a 426 will run on a tank of gas riding mostly on the main jet. Thanks in advance.

I think last I checked I could go 50miles roughly not sure tho

I rode 76.6 Miles on a full stock tank with my YZ426 down in Baja - Not all main jet but we did run through some soft powder and sand that required extra throttle. I had about 8 - 10 ounces of gas left when we got back. I'd say we were on the gas 85% of the time. I bet you could run at least 60 - 65 if you were on the gas a little more.

Depends on the riding obviously but on tight single tracks in the mountains I would not try to get more than 40 - 45 miles out of a tank without a refuel plan.I ran hard for an hour and

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