air/fuel screw tool

hey, just wanted to share a good find, auto zone and checkers sell these tiny flathead/phillips combo screwdirvers for 1 dollar, i just measured and cut it 2inches long from the tip of the flathead blade, now i dont have to loosen and turn the carb to adjust the fuel screw,


You can also go one step further and buy the Kouba T-Handle. It presses onto the fuel screw and allows for fuel screw adjustments anytime, even with gloves on.


Get my note about Concraton (sp?)


Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially with what you are describing. Can you post some.

I'm totally understand the piece you are talking about from the spark plug, just not picturing the application.



your bike is covered in crap

it's still very hot.

it's still running.

you've only got two index and one middle finger holding the screwdriver.

then you jam it up the side of the screw but don't realise it.

then you grunt trying to turn it (because it was never located).

the CSA of the screwdriver is of an 'O' with a blade across the middle.

no pictures just application and common sense.

the Kouba looks a great tool, if i hadn't made mine first i'd make, i mean buy one!


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My solution is pretty costly at $.49 for a hex straight bladed screwdriver bit. It's about 1" long. You know the kind, they fit in those screwdrivers that can have changeable tips. It's a little more work to use than Taffy's thing, but very cost effective and pretty easy to use.

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you know the little cap that comes with every plug, you're supposed to screw it on the plug on some older vehicles.

it's made of aluminium (we put two 'i's in) all you do is tap it on the end and instead of the screwdriver jamming down the edge it locates in the middle everytime!


Check this out guys (I just finished doing this mod and it went great, it is real easy to adjust now):



Pro Tec tool

Mr T

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