Question for the Taller Riders...

I am 6'3 and ride a 01' WR426. After nearly every ride I notice the inside of both of my knees are bruised, I assume from the radiator shrouds. Anyone else have this problem???

I'm 6'5" and had similar problems. Turned out my knee protectors needed replacing. Lots of other things can contribute to it, such as your physical build, angle of your foot pegs and condition of your boots, riding style, and how much riding you do standing/sitting. Which handlebars and triple clamp are you using?

Thanks for the quick response... I am about 6'3", 200lbs and slim build. My boots are about a one to two years old and my pegs are at the stock angle. I generally stay on the seat the majority of the time with my feet on the pegs next to always.

I have a stock YZ426F upper triple clamp and the YZ HIGH Bend Pro Taper SE bars.

Thanks for the info... maybe my knee pads need replacing too.

Before I switched knee protectors, I used to duct tape padding to the insides of my legs. Don't know which hurt more: removing the duct tape or the bruises!!

HAHA! I guess so, I think I will live with the bruises for now at least.


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