Anyone have this peg fix?

I have the Animal House Designs fix.....looks like the same thing to me.....only the AHD fix is only $75. Probably because he's not giving a cut to Johnny Cambell.

Here is a second vote for Animal House. It is a very nice piece and my right foot feels much safer now. Kritter is the screen name of the guy who is behind Animal House designs.

I have the Animal House fix also. Works great.

After researching via the AHD designs threads that appear throughout this website - I took what i thought was the quick and easy way and ordered it from 1x Int., along with the billet choke plate. The plate was to prevent what I think is the one-in-10,000 chance of the motor sucking in the plastic stock version. (Hey - I wore 2 condoms once with this one really fast girl - so? Pays to be safe if you're gonna be fast?)

Long story short on my nearly 6 week old order - My C.Card has been charged over a month. I have no parts yet. They are in stock according to my conversation with Robby Bells mom, who just might answer if you call down there. (Seriously - no disrepect intended) My order was looked up by my name, each call, to update me. There was some delay getting the plate - to be expected when you farm out machine work - but the plate came in over 2 weeks ago - according to 1x, many apologies from them each time. I was told they "REALLY HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED" why the parts did not ship - because "THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT."

My last nice phone call will be tomorrow. Granted I was not the "Squeakiest wheel" calling them every day as my bike is on the stand until next Friday - but they already cashed out on my CC - so should I have to call all the time?

I don't want to be too negative towards 1x - I'm sure they are busy. Also they lead they way through big bore land. BUT - &%$#@!? I still trust the empire is not built on screwing the little guys! We'll see after I get on the horn tomorrow and see what's up.

Did you guys really have an issue with the stock peg? I know the bolts can fall out, mine did when I first got it, but a little blue lock tight, and I haven't had a problem with it falling off. Is it prone to breaking?

Mine broke off at start of a ride - but it was on the first outing after it got knocked off the stand and landed on cement. The replacement bolts have been tight. I'm not exactly a small rider either. So it's hard to say. Perhaps it's mental - but I would hate to be the guy who tests the theory.

For the record, 1x Int. sent me a tracking no. today. The order is on the way. Let you know what I think of the peg once it's installed.

I did my own mod, same as Campbells for my bike and since I was cutting metal & welding up my peg, I did a friend of mine...For the newer guys, the bolts tend to stretch, so Loc-Tite isn't the answer.

I went thru several bolts, and the above friend had his break off while landing from a jump, he was lucky and didn't get hurt but after that it was time to do the mod on both bikes.

My fixed peg is on the way from Animal House.

After crashing I noticed my pegbolts were bent. The metal in the bolt has weakened and will eventually fail, likely when landing a jump or when there is a lot of stress on it.

The peg takes most of the hit when wiping out which eventually causes bolt failure - my theory.

Here's what I did-

I used a reamer to take the front bolt hole up to a tap in fit for a 7/16 bolt. The hole in the footpeg bracket was perfect as it was. I used a bolt longer than needed so the threads are far away from the mount. Put a washer and locknut on and you're done.


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