head shake (how do i stop it)

i have put a new front and rear tyre on my bike and it seems to shake its head alot more what would be the best adjustments suspension wise to try to stop this.thanks in advance guys.

SLOW DOWN.....You're Riding Like an Animal!

Either that or spend the money for a Steering Dampner. I had to slow down cause the wife won't give me $800. for a Scott's and the cool Tripple Clamp Mount.

Mabe next years Bonus Check.......

Bonzai :)

A Scott's and triple clamp (complete with Pro-Tapers) is a heck of a lot cheaper than $800.


When is the headshake occuring? During accelleration or when you chop the throttle?

Take Care,


Did you center your axle when you changed your front tire? I not, your shocks might be binding.

A bike with an improper sag adjustment (not enough) on the rear end can cause headshake. Also, you could lower the forks in the triple clamps.


Well said (hearing the rush of air leaving my sails, LOL)

Headshake can be caused by a multitude of problems, and yes, a steering damper will mask a bike that is improperly set up.

Take Care


Stevor, If the problem only surfaced after installing new tires perhaps.......

Did you put "Austrailian for big tyre" on the rear?

I had a friend that put huge meat on the back of an XR 350, it gave new meaning to "weasel in a drainpipe" which is how one of the magazines described the "stock" steering caracteristicks.

Anyhow the wrong size tire could induce it.PT

not wishing to steal your thunder john but...

headshake on a roadracer would be a sign of something not quite right. now there's loose and there's worn out.

headraces. check for play, check for the rumble, re-grease.

swingarm bearings. check for play, check for grease.

shocks shagged?

wheel bearings. check for rumble, check for grease.

then you can look at alignment. tracking of the rear wheel ( a real favourite). twisted forks, worn fork bushes.

listen, these bikes don't weave or headshake as a rule. i had it last year and it was cured when i had the forks re-valved. the 98/99's are well known for a poor mid stroke damping.

i also found the SA bearings went AWOL. now i ride with the forks through 13mm and no problems.

a stering damper disguises weaknesses in a bike's set up.

i'm not poo-pooing a steering damper, i've got one as well now!


I agree with Taffy. What kind of conditions is this ocurring? On my last dual sport bike, when I rode on the freeway, the front fender worked kind of like a sail and caused head shake like symptoms - basically the front end wandered as I rode along. At 70mph, it was a little too exciting. Removing the front fender made the problem go away. Ulitmately I trimmed the front of the fender considerably to prevent it. If those aren't the conditions where the probem is ocurring, then one of the things in the previous posts is likely the problem.


thanks for the replies guys it seems to happen when i am doing over 100 kph and when i back off i will be riding the bike tomorrow for a good ride so i will have a better idea then(i only rode it for 5 mins with the new tyre's on)but the new tyre is a different profile to the other tyre i had on before.( i think is is best i let you know it is not a wr but i am asking on here as you guys have alot of good info my bike is a TTr600.

Before u pull your bike apart. I've chased this before. Start at Barkbusters. If their not even it will shake like buggary on the highway. Then look at steering head bearing etc.

even cheaper and simpler, but what pressures are you running?

wifes ttr 230 used to shake at about 80 ks but with a little less front tyre pressure it has reduced.

just a thought, hope it helps.

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