Buddy pegs,WR450

[ Hey TTers sorry for the delay on pics for these.Kick starter side is 6x4.5 inches and 1/4 inch steel,shifter side is 6x6x1/4 inch steel.You will need frame guards because on shifter side it uses the bolt hole for frame guard to bolt through.lower bolts are subframe to frame.kick start side is subframe and rear disc assm.buddy pegs on mine are 4.5 inches behind my pegs and1to2inches higher.depends on preference.when you bolt through plate to pegs use shrter bolts & lockwashers so they dont hit swingarm.http://www.msnusers.com/gkuaqg58983pmh8pi0k538e924/documents.msnw?fc_p=%2FPictures&fc_a=0

Where did you find the buddy pegs?

I too am looking for some, where can I get some??????

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