2000 WR400F Overheating

My brothers 2000 WR400F keeps overheating. Anyone had this problem before? and what did you do to fix it?

Depends what the problem is! It may be that there is no problem with the bike, just how your brother rides it!

Personally, I would take a look at the jetting (everyones answer!). You could try different coolant like engine ice. You could even try larger radiators or a boyesen high flow water pump.

Start with fresh coolant and a new radiator cap first. Is it overheating? or just bubbling over like it cannot hold any pressure? Is it low on coolant maybe leaking? you are not giving us much information to work with.

Yeah, more information. Is it just the pipe getting red hot? Is it ok when moving at good speed or in slow awkward places? Does it pressurise the radiator immediately after starting from cold?

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