Fuel screw install

I finaly picked up my bike today after 2 1/2 months holiday....missed it for sure. I picked up a fuel screw adjuster, I ordered a zipty but they sent me this instead. Any feedback and install tips?

Any ... install tips?
Take the old one out and put the new one in. The O-ring may stay in the carb, which is fine. The parts order, from the bottom up, is screw, spring, washer, O-ring. If the screw does not seem to have enough tension on it, remove and stretch the spring slightly, then re-install.

make sure you don't lose the oring. You HAVE To have it. I have seen people take the stock screw out and let the little oring fall in the floor and not even notice it. Then when they tried to install the new fuel screw with no oring....bad things happen LOL

I'll second what Satch says. Put a clean shop rag underneath the fuel screw when you take it out to catch whatever falls out, otherwise you'll be hard pressed to find the washer or the oring.

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