FMF Megabomb

Hey does anyone run one on a 2006 yz450?

Will it work with a White Brothers E2?

personally i wouldnt mix brands of exhaust. megabomb was designed to go with a fmf pipe and white bro. was designed with a white bro. header. just my opinion not sure if it will fit.

ya but i know that the megabomb claims 3.5 horsepower by itself and the e2 claims 2 horsepower. So even mixed they are still producing. I just need to know if they will fit.

Just because system A adds 3 hp, and system B adds 2 is no sign you can mix parts of the two and end up with 5. In fact, it could come out -2 instead. Current MX 4-stroke exhaust systems are more complicated than they appear, and the length, diameters, number of steps, or increases in cross section and their placement all have an effect on how they work.

The Power/Mega Bomb headers are a little different though. Its design is intended to make it behave as if it were not of a fixed length, therefore widening the power curve's peak effective range. Because of that, it should be compatible with some other systems besides the one it was built for. I know for a fact that the PB works with a stock '03 muffler better than the stock header does.

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