bad rim?

i pulled the tire (rear) off my 06 xr650l for the first time and i noticed that the bead/rige where the bead sets about 3 to 4" from the valve stem on the rim is worn smoth. any help appreciated! is this a bad rim? ever since I put the new tire on the bike handels funny. i cheked the search but could not find anything. the front also seems to slip out. not wash just slip. is it because i have the "deathwing" on the front and kt966 on the back? this is my first time changing a tire did i do somthing wrong. please help!!!

Are you talking about the little serrations on the inside of the rim which help the bead of the tire stay put? If so you don't have a problem. Most rims I've dealt with have a few spots where the serrations were not stamped. Going from a more street oriented tire to a knobby may feel a bit weird on road at first. I'm not familiar with the tire you have but is not surprising. This assumes that the wheel is correctly mounted. Make sure your wheel is properly alligned in the swing arm (that both sides are lined up with the same markings on the swingarm) & that your axle nut is tightened appropriately. Leaving the old tire in front may perhaps be messing things up as well. You now have a fairly road oriented tire (albeit poor) &, I'm assuming, a more dirt oriented tire in the rear. If my assumption is wrong & the tire you just mounted is a more dual purpose/road oriented tire you may have to put some miles on it to wear off the releasing agent which greatly decreased grip. This would be very noticeable on pavement. Good luck.

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