Dunlop 952 tires - Not really a Dunlop...

I just wanted everyone who hasn't tried these tires to know, I tried the D952's on my XR650R. The front tire is AWESOME!! In the Colorado rocky mountains, the front 952 sticks like glue to sand, rocks, and mud, and holds up to paved roads well.

The 952 rear tire is a different story. 1st off, the sidewall is so hard, I had a fight just getting it mounted. 2nd, as I was mounting it, I noticed "Sumitomo Rubber Company" printed really small on the side of the tire. Sumitomo is a Japanese tire company. I have worked with Sumitomo truck tires before, and they are known for having very stiff sidewalls. Before I saw the 952, I didn't know Sumitomo had any to do with Good Year (Good Year owns Dunlop).

I suspect, Dunlop designed the tire & tread for the 952 rear, but then contracted Sumitomo to make the tire, (probibly why it's an "economy" tire). Trust me, this tire has no grip when compaired to any other Dunlop, and it got burnt up in less than 500 miles on my XR650.

Since that rear tire, I went back to running a rear D606 with the front 952. The 606 sacrifices a little off-road grip, but lasts over twice as long as any non-highway tire. I think I may stick with this combonation for awhile.

Good Review!

I had heard the 952 was crap from a friend and was weary of tying it, now you confirmed my suspicion.

I'm a big fan of the D606.

I like trying out new tires hoping for the holy grail, but I always seem to go back to the trysty 606. I should just quit goofing around and stick w/ the 606.

Have you ever tried the Kenda Trackmaster II?

I have a 952 front on my BRP and it is awesome.

I usually stick a IRC VE33 on the rear of all my dirt bikes as they last forever.

Good Lord Man! 500 miles on a rear tire on a 650 is good unless you're the type who runs them til they're bald. I just got that much out of a 739 Desert AT on my 400 and I was stoked. I guess it's all in how you ride and the terrain you ride on.

Just an FYI; Goodyear actually sells it's name to other tire maufacturers for a percentage of the cost of the tire. I found this out with some tires I was buying from Discount Tire for a truck. The tires have Goodyear Eagle in big white letters on the side. I had a blowout once while on the road out of town and went by a Goodyear store to get a replacement. The guy at the Goodyear store said they call them Walmart tires and the tires aren't even made by Goodyear. He's the one that said Goodyear sells the name.

Dunlop is just a Sumitomo brand. The 952 actually says it, but all the others had a "SR" logo that is just short for Sumitomo Rubber.

I had bad luck with my 952 front. It worked OK, but all the side knobs sheared off or almost sheared off long before the tread wore out.

I am running a new combo, and was very impressed. I am using the Michelin Starcross hp4 90/100 on the front, and the Michelin Mt21 130/90 on the back. It has hooked up well under all conditions. The front sidewall is very stiff, but I wanted that so I could run less pressure in the desert.

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