Hot Start help

Ok, I had the plastic peice that threads into the carb (to hold the hotstart lever in there) strip. Now the threads dont hold it in, so it just comes out and the bike runs like crap. My question (since im about 2 hours from my bike, so I cant look at it) is... is there some way I could rig it up to where the bike will run for this weekend? Some way i could just stick that little seal down in there and keep it there (and still be able to remove it?). I realize this would disable the hotstart function, and thats fine... I just need it to start.

Sorry I have to ask this, I am up at college and my bike is at home. I have ordered a new piece, but I am not sure it will be here this weekend. I am going home this weekend for my only practice before the GMB mem race... so I would like to get my bike running. Thanks for the help in advance.

depends on how stripped they are. Locktite?

Nah, the plastic peice is junk (the threads almost dont exist). I have already "fixed" it once using teflon tape, and it just made it last a little bit longer (one ride). I acidently cross threaded the piece while reinstalling, so that really damaged the threads. Then when I tried to get it in there it would just spin (you couldnt get it tight, it would just keep spinning) so I know the threads are gone. I also tried using some safety wire to hold the plastic peice on there, but that didnt work. Im wondering if I can disconect the cable completely and just somehow stick that little pin with the seal on it in place for this weekend.

I need to get me one of those, the plastic piece is such a biatch to put in and out.

thanks for the tip, gray.

thanks for the tip, gray.
Just something I learned on Thumper Talk :thumbsup:
Just something I learned on Thumper Talk :thumbsup:

How can you still learn something from here? :applause:

Just something I learned on Thumper Talk :applause:

hey I remember that...............and the infamous grey wire.....days....sweet! :thumbsup:

Ok guys, I got home and my dad suprised me with the piece I needed. He knew I really wanted to get to ride (I havent been on a bike in a month) before the GMB V, so he spent all day on his birthday driving around town hunting down that tiny plastic piece.

For the world to hear: I HAVE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!!

For those who offered their advice: Thank you very much, and yeah grayracer I had seen those metal ones from zipty before, I just wouldnt have been able to have one for this weekend. I actually have another plastic one in the mail (my dad ordered that one too, I would have gone for the zipty one, but he was on an OEM page ordering parts for another bike as well), but I had to find one that I could use this weekend.

I think I could have rigged it... but I am very glad I didnt have to.

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