2007 Yamaha 450F Fork Rake

I read they changed the steering angle (Rake) on the Yamaha YZ450F over even the 2006 , in this months issue of Motocross Action but I don’t see it on the Yamaha Web Site...

All I see is the lengthened rear shock.

It was in the Chad Reed article about his offset steering bearings. They said maybe the 2007 would closely reflect the feel of Chad's bike...

Did anybody else hear this?

Yes. The steepening of the forks, the raising of the handleber height, and some of the other mods to the '07 closely match the field fixes that were applied pretty universally to the '06. Should be even better this year.

I clarified my question above further;

I was wondering if they changed and refined the rake over the 2006 even. I see on the 250F they gave it offset tripple clamps and rotated the engine but all I see on the 450 is chasie refinements but nothing specific about the rake. Wasn't one of the field fixes new trippleclamps for both the 450 and 250's? I only see tripple's on the 250.

My reply was specifically in reference to changes to the '07 compared to the '06.

Great Thanks!

The legnthening of the rear shock by 1.5mm should change the head angle by approximately 1/2 of a degree.

I heard that the 07 had a longer shock so I called Storm racing up and ordered a shorter link that emulates the 07 change. It raised the rear of the bike 11mm.

It does turn better, I split the difference and set the sag at 105mm and am testing it there for now.

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