Anyone try Mousse Tubes?

What do you think of them? I'm thinking of trying them, but it makes me wonder when I haven't heard of hardly anybody else running them.


I've never personally used them but I have a buddy that ran them for quite a while.

Personally, When you weigh your options, not running them makes more sense to me.

Pro's - Obviously you never have to worry about flats. So in a desert race or somewhere where theres lots of rock ledge, you might find them useful.

Con's - They are heavy, they cost a lot, they wear out faster than a regular heavy duty tube, and not to mention they are a bear to get in.

Plan on investing heavily in tire irons and tubs of grease. Oh yea, and its a very messy project.

As you can probably tell I dont care for them too much. If your worried about flats in a race then my suggestion is run ONLY heavy duty tubes (Bridgestones are my favorite because they are slightly heavier than the others Ive seen) and put a tad more air pressure in.

Hope this helps.

Guess I kinda feel the same way as Milkman.

That large amount of rotating, unsuspended weight is definitely going to make the bike harder to steer. It just HAS to be!

If you're getting punctures, Slime is a nice product. You're supposed to use 8oz of it each tire, I've been getting away with 6oz (no flats) on every tube I've used them on. I do not feel the difference in weight when using Slime.

Maybe a pro could, not this amateur!

BTW, thanks Milkman for all your help over the last couple of years!

Of course the ONE TIME I didn't add it a new tube, I got a flat! I run S12's at 12psi always unless it happens to be extremely dry (hard) or rocky.

:) Never had any luck with Slime, I've always torn the tube too big for it to cope so I don't use it, I rely on luck :D

I have a mate who run's moose's and he swears by them, He lubes his with Washing up liquid and has no probs at all (just bubbles in river crossings ha ha)

He generaly gets about 3 sets tyres out of a set of mouse (however you spell it!)

But over here we do not have the dry desert terrain a lot of you seem to ride in...just lots of MUD!

Yep. Bridgestone HD tubes, slime and depending on riding conditions, a little higher PSI. I'm no pro, but I see an awful lot of rocks and cactus here in the AZ desert. So far so good (no flats in about 6 months). I wonder, though, with these tubes (they are pretty beefy) and the slime (I used 8 oz) if the rotating unsuspended mass is as much of a difference than the mousses (never seen one). The cost and installation hassles are enough to keep me away.

Tried them and think they are WAY too difficult to install. Heavy duty tubes and slime for me.

Newriver...where do you ride. Desert or MX. I live in Yuppieville on the other side of the hill.


Desert. Well everything from sand washes and single track to jeep trails and forest fire roads so far. Since I'm pretty new to the sport, I figured I'd start with what's right outside my front door. I've been out to various OHV areas with some different types of riders to try a bit of everything. Haven't tried MX yet. So, far, single track is my favorite.

Originally posted by mcarp:

BTW, thanks Milkman for all your help over the last couple of years!

You're more than welcome. I'm not sure what I done for you but I know I have received more knowledge off this board than I have given.

Thanks to you too Mike (It is Mike right?) and everone else.

Well I hate to kick a dead horse. It now doesen't matter how good they are. Only info I could find they run about $140.00

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