Trying to sell XR600...need some advice

I have a 1996 XR600R. Is asking $1700 for it too high, too low, or about right? The bike starts right up, runs very good, but cosmetically it only rates average. It just had a tune up and carb rebuild/clean.

I have been trying to locate other XR600's for sale on ebay and cycle trader, but there are just so few of them for sale. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. There is one 1996 XR600 on, but they are asking $2400...that seems a bit high.

Thanks for any advice.

By the way, it does have a White Bros. exhaust, but I am not sure if that is is good or bad.

I'd say $1700 is a good price.

Sounds like a good deall...Did you place it in the classifieds here on TT... :thumbsup:

Yes I did place it in the TT Classifieds, but I listed it for $1900 to start. I'll reduce it to $1700. Thanks for the advice.

I bought a 96 XR600R about 4 months ago with a new Al Baker 630cc. engine, a set of CR250 USD forks and all the bearings replaced, and all the suspension redone for a 245lbs. rider for $1600.00. I think your bikes definitlly worth the money you want. I'd like to have another one for a second bike, but I'm short on cash. Good luck with the sale.

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