Ex Yamaha guy with suzuki, have question?


I was always a Yamaha fan, but now that I'm older, I wanted a Dual Sport so I could tool around town, and hit the dirt when ever I wanted, and as you all know, Yamaha hasn't put much emphasis on its Dual Sports, unless you just want to putt on the easy trails with your balloon tires.

Has any of you "Die Hard" Yamaha guys heard anything at all about A Dual Sport being in the works by Yamaha, to compete with the Honda XR650L, or the Suzuki DRZ400s. Forget the KLR 650 Kawasaki, that thing has zero dirt capability.

Yamaha rules with 4 stroke power, and if they came out with a 600 or 650,with a weight range under 300lbs, I'd be first in line to buy one.

If anyone has any inside information, a reply would be Greatly appreciated.

:thumbsup: Manzs, (2006 DRZ400s)

You might want to visit the WR forum with this question. I haven't heard anything about a big bore dual sport, but I don't know why an '07 WR450 (which will have the aluminum chassis) wouldn't compete with a DRZ.

I agree totally. Wr450 is the way to go.

I have long wondered why Yamaha wouldn't put a motor out of their grizzly or raptor (660CC) 4 wheelers in a WR450F chassis, with up to date suspension and make it street legal. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

:thumbsup: Thanks for the reply Friend, but I'm looking for "Street Legal" with Yamaha Balls. I realize theres nothing advertised for any future Dual Sports that will dominate by Yamaha, but i read in one of the Dirt Bike magazines that something is in the works. Not looking to spend an extra 700.00 on street legal conversions, then pray it passes inspection, i just want a Yamaha Dual sport monster out of the box with motocross dampening, and plenty of clearance. Wishful thinking i guess, but if they put there heads to it, i have no doubt that Yamaha will rule the market, even over the KTM's.

Thanks Bud,


Heres a couple cool machines from Yamaha.... of course you would have to go to Europe to buy them.

2006 XT660



2006 DT125


2006 DT125 SM


2006 XT125


Whoa! That xt660r looks awesome!

The MUZ bikes use a Raptor 660 engine. They are available in the states, but can be hard to find. www.muz.de

What about the TE510 I rode the SM version this summer in Europe and was very impressed. Reality is there are no 600cc + enduro's that are good on and off road, Too big too heavy. The european versions are really just street bikes made to look like they can do some off roading....as long as you are not hitting the freeway a wr is a great comprimise for both.

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