650L starting to smoke

Any idea what would cause it to smoke after reving it? It doesn't smoke when it's cold, but when its hot & idling, if you rev it hard it will blow blue smoke on deceleration. It's an 03 with 7,000 miles. It doesn't smoke otherwise & runs good.

Too rich. When the motor is cold, the air intake is cool. Cool air has more oxygen per volume than warm air. When the motor gets hot, the air intake is heated, with less oxygen to mix with the same amount of fuel. What air filter are you using? A free flowing air filter like a UNI will help IF you are still using the stock filter. Have you rejetted the carb? What exhaust?

03 XR650L

Uni air filter

WB E2 exhaust

55 pilot, 165 dynojet main, fuel mixture 2 1/4 turns

100 feet above sealevel

removed snorkel

14/46 gearing (I think thats the cause of the smoke- running up the interstate)???

I did just clean, oil the filter. It never caused it to smoke in the past & I've ridden it 80 miles since. The bike runs excellent, no more backfiring when cold. Pops once in awhile. Plug is tanish with a white tip. It idles low when cold, and perfect when warm. I've never checked the valve clearances (will Monday).

Over filling the motor with oil will do that.

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