Thanks to the Forum!

Have sold my (awesome) beloved 2000 WR400 in favor of a (lighter) 2002 WR250 & wish to thank all those at the forum who have provided fun, friendship & outstanding advice for almost 2 yrs now. Will be fun to check in now & then but will be over on the 250 side now. Many thx to all & ride safely. Cheers, bobwombat

p.s. yikes....does this mean the re-jetting drill starts all over again?

Well, you make it sound like your going overseas or something. When actually, you are going to get on the bus, go 'round the block and wind up back in the same old neighborhood.

I'm a WR250F myself. :)

But, I find myself all over the WR400/426 board as well following a lot of the YZ400/426 board (these bikes are so damn similar). I even check in with the Honda boys once in a while to keep an eye on the CRF450R. I think you'd be surprised how many of us cross over on a regular basis.

So, nice knowin' ya, have a good trip, nice to meet ya and welcome to the group! :D

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