Hour meter mounting

Just picked up a 06 450 that came with a Sendec hour meter, it didn't come with any instructions. How and where is everyone mounting them on their 06, 450's?

Have to say this o6 is the most awsome bike I have owned, the suspension is amazing!


I put mine on the upper rear engine bracket. It's completely hidden but still easy enough to see and far enough away from the heat. You will have to wrap the wire around the sparkplug cap itself to get it to work. :thumbsup:

I zip-tied mine to the throttle cables. I know it sounds hoky, but it actually looks sano up close. I had it on there with 2 sided tape but the tape kept letting go. Somewhere on here there are also close-up pictures of the coil on my bike- I wrapped the hour meter wire around about 3 times, zip-tied it to itself (per the instructions) then wrapped everything really tightly with electrical tape and it almost looks like a factory install.

Chrome Speedo- do you have any pics of how you mounted yours? That sounds like a good idea!

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