front fork settings for WR450 - 2005

I need the standard fork settings for a WR450 2005 as both forks have been set up differantly.

Muz :thumbsup:


Try the pdf manual available for free download:

I have a 06 so the settings are different.

Make sure you check for the SA model - I know for the 06 they were a different setup from those in AUS/US/EURO which believe it or not, all have slightly different spring and damping rates..

PS. I did not check to see if the PDF manual has your model, just assumed it did like the 06 manual does.


thanks for advive but I went and dowloaded the workshop manual and all they say is "Turn dampining adjuster to the original position". What is the original position ??????? :applause::thumbsup:

Rebound: 10 clicks out

12 clicks out (for Europe)

14 clicks out (for AUS,NZ and ZA)

Compression: 13 clicks out

12 clicks out (for Europe)

14 clicks out (for AUS,NZ and ZA)

Standard oil level:128 mm

130mm (for Europe,AUS,NZ and ZA)

thanks for your help


suspension settings are custom to the rider. You will have to find the ones that work for you.

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