2002 yz426 motor swap

I have an opportunity to acquire a 2002 YZ426 motor and I would like to swap it directly into my 2000 wr400... that is if this is possible.

My research has lead me to belive that this is in fact possible, but only for 2001 426 motors, since the swingarm bolt was larger in diameter for 2002.

Could I buy the larger 2002 swingarm bolt and use it in my WR400?

My other question is that in order for me to retain my headlight, can I swap out my old stator into the new 426 motor, and are the CDI boxes the same between the bikes?

Thanks, all input is appreciated.

all the things you have listed are possible , but!!

it would be alot easier to buy a new bike


Yes, if i had the money... the 07's look beautifull

The truth is that I dont, so I need help with this swap.

Does anyone know about the 02 426 ???

Go here and you can cross reference the part numbers for the cdi and axle. If they are different than they probably won't work.

If the swing arm bolt is larger, then the hole in the frame through which the bolt passes must also be larger, and you can't fix that with a drill. A better path would to remake the steel sleeves in the crankcase at the swing arm bolt hole.

But the guy has a point; you could upgrade to an '01/2 426, or even an early 450 for less than you're likely to spend on the swap.

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