sport bike guys, does the WR 450 rip

I am just wondering if the 450 feels fast to guys who own sport bikes also. I'm just trying to get a idea how fast this bike is.

I really don't understand posts like this. Seriously, WHAT are you asking for?

You ride the WR450 in the dirt. The tire spins alot, it handles totally different.

why dont you take yours out and ride it on the street then get on your street bike and let us know!!!!

I am just wondering if the 450 feels fast to guys who own sport bikes also. I'm just trying to get a idea how fast this bike is.

Dont know about 450,but my 426 feels fast offroad,and slow on the road.

Its totally different, i've got a gsxr 1000 for road,but prefer to ride the 426 offroad.

Feels safer too.

But then, i'm getting old.

Also you need to be over 100mph to get same rush on sporsbike. :thumbsup:

I wanna know what an R1 feels like in a sand wash with a paddle tire :thumbsup: ...SC

Since I have an R-1 and a WR 450 let me tell you.... Being as I was at Miller Motorsports Park in SLC, UTAH this past monday rippin' the R-1 along the front straight at 167 (indicated) :thumbsup: and droppin' through some turns at over 120 mph, the WR feels slow. BUT, I like the grunt of the WR to get up and over hills, riding wheelies and, jumping. Things that I would never do on the R-1. Far as that front tire has been off the ground with me on the R-1 is about 2 inches.

While the WR feels "slow" it feels fast at the same time cause the brush is so close to you. Look down real quick and you are only doing 30 mph. All things are relative. Have had the WR up to 90 mph (indicated), it was scarey compared to doing that same speed on the R-1.

It feels fast...did that help?

Thanks guys that is what I am looking and the 1/4 mile post was very helpful.

For all the negative comments :thumbsup:

I asked sport bike owners because they know what fast is(until you WOT a 9 sec. machine you have no clue).

Its all comparative-I also have an R1, but I can tell you going down what feels like a dam neer vertical hill feel dam fast-but you might only be going 30km/hr!! Smaer with tight fast flowing trails-even though you arnt going 260km/h it still feels fast and a lot more on the 'edge of your seat' at times also!!

Just on them both this morning. While the pace on the R1 was nothing compared to the last week, the WR still felt as though I was going faster cause of the closeness of the shrubs, getting a couple feet of air and I got to have the front wheel looked at on the WR. Damn thing keeps wanting to point at the sky. :applause::thumbsup:

Happy I have BOTH. :applause:

I have a GSXR 1000 and recently a WR450. The WR is in the trails what the Gixxer is on the street. They are both very nasty in their respective environment. I have a friend that has a YZ426 and a set of wheels with road racing tires for it. When he takes it on a near by tight road course, he can equal or better most of the sport bikes.


It's like riding my ZX-12R in dirt form. I sold the 12R 2 weeks ago - come spring I'll be atop a ZX-14 - it'll be blue to match my yammie :thumbsup:

I felt like I was going 200 MPH this Saturday when I some how blipped my :thumbsup: throttle too much and flew into two small trees right on the edge of the trail destroying the left radiator area of my bike and fracturing the top of my Tibia!!

P.S. The trees dont look too hot either!!

No way, we have several 450's that run at the local dragstrip and 14.00 to 14.90 is the best ive seen them run including mine, low 12's would take severe mods.

I have an 05 GSXR 1000, wife has an R6 that I ride occasionally, and I have had several 600RR's, I love the street bikes, and they are fun for tearing it up in the twisties, I bought my 450 with the intention of having it 90% on the street, I just got the 17's and street rubber mounted up yesterday and I am already having a blast. It certainly isn't as fast as the other bikes in a straight line, but it handles so well, and you can corner pretty nicely on it. I have already had way more fun on the 450, it wheelies controllably, it can JUMP!!! The gixxer will be up on the for sale block pretty soon.

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