Oil line leak?

I'm not sure what its called but on the left side of the engine, that metal hose that connects to the motor by the shifter, it leaks oil every time i start my engine. I took it off to see if there is an o-ring thats supposed to be back there, but all i saw was a neon green ring? I thought they where supposed to be black like the other side. Any info would be great iam tired of putting money into this bike.


I think its numbers 25 and 26.

If it's green, someone changed it, and they may have either used the wrong one, or they didn't correct the real problem.

The seal should be identical to the one on the other side; a simple O-ring. The line must fit flat against the case without a strain on it, and the seal needs to fit snugly on the dowel sleeve (#26). The bolt should clamp the line firmly and flat without the fitting rocking off the case when it gets tightened. The rings are cheap, try a new one.

Thanks a lot gray, i will order a new o-ring and see if it solves the problem. I thought i just had a bad case of to much oil coming out of the breather tube.

Be careful when you tighten that line down, your going into threaded aluminum and they are very easy to strip. I think the torque is just a few pounds, so tight enough not leak but no more...

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