WR 450 03' Key Ignition

I have had a quick search, but can't really find what i want to know..

I would much prefer to have a keyed ignition for obvious safety reasons.

Which parts would i require to do this, and were is the best place to get them? I'm in the UK, but don't mind buying from the US :thumbsup:

Search for sicass racing. I got a switch for my KTM from them but I would expect they have something universal or adaptable to the Yami.

Many thanks :thumbsup:

Awesome, thanks! :thumbsup:

If you want to do it through a Yami dealer, then you could always use a TT125 ignition assembly. Costs a bit more, but will look more clean.

Good luck. :thumbsup:

I also used the ttr125 ignition, looks great and if youre like me, you want a Yamaha key to fit your yamaha.......

Weres the best place to get a TTr125 igniton chaps?

I just ordered mine from my local yamaha dealer, but im sure you can get one from the TT store also.

Just hide a toggle switch under the tank so it looks like your turnin on the gas when you crank it. Another thing that helps a lot is long throw small master locks to slide through the brake discs. One is fine. Just get some flexible lanyards to hook to them (it) and the handlebars so you don't forget to take em off before you ride..trust me that really sucks to forget:foul:

That bike aint moving with this setup :thumbsup:

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