thurston county/straddeline??

I want to go there sunday but am wondering if you need numbers on your bike. I just bought a kxf last night and it doesn't have any numbers on it. I'll be ordering preprinted ones next week.

No you dont need numbers to go practice

No you dont need numbers to go practice

What he said

I worked on that 250f all day and still isn't ready for tomorrow(putyallup powersports closed down today so after I drove all the way there and find the empty building I had to drive all the way to enumclaw for a stupid air filter and oil filter) :thumbsup:

Looks like Pacific Raceways tomorrow at 3:30.

You don't need numbers to ride at straddaline.

But they're not open for mx practice on sunday. Or atleast not this sunday (today) They will be open Monday (tomorrow)

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